Billboard Music Messes

My attempts to not delay this morning were violently struck down by a storm last night and a metric ton of things to do this morning. Clearly I am bad at blogging, deadlines, and life.

Anyway, last night were the Billboard Awards. There were several badly dressed people, and since we’re also in the middle of Cannes, and Eurovision was this weekend, I found myself debating what to write about due to an overabundance of options.

But here we have some of the offenders from last night’s event.

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It May Seem Innocuous, But….

This is very nearly a stereotypical flasher look, but with pantyhose instead of Creepy Guy On The Subway or Street Corner. It is also baffling, given the apparently frigid weather conditions. I am reliably informed that there was two feet of snow on the ground, which is already not the time to go out wearing pantyhose unless you absolutely have to. Even so, I will go for a thick pair of tights and boots if I have to wear a dress when it’s snowing and minus 1000 out.

Although it must be said, usually when it’s minus 1000 and snowing, I usually prefer to stay inside being as spectacularly frumpy as possible and not outside flashing innocent bakery goers with my questionably shod boyfriend.

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