Leopard Print O.D.

If leopard print is like scotch, this is alcohol poisoning.

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Exhaustion Delay

Sometimes I look at what celebrities wear to go on talk shows, and I just think, “Really? You wore THAT?” or sometimes, “What is wrong with your stylist?”

This is one of those times. I get wearing what is basically a trend sandwich, but that is like filling a sandwich with truffle fries, foie gras, a deep fried mars bar, and queso. It may sound interesting, but it’s not going to taste very good.

This is what a trend sandwich looks like.

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Lifesplosion? Bah! Here Is A Jumpsuit!

So I am still in the middle of a Lifesplosion. It will all (hopefully) be overish tonight when I can collapse and mutter irritably about deadlines and other people being bad at them, but in the meantime, this post is being written in between furious writing for other projects.

But I am back, even if this may end up being a little briefer than normal. I have things to do and a metric ton of coffee to drink, but that all pales next to this truly atrocious jumpsuit.

Kristin Kreuk’s jumpsuit was designed by someone I’ve never heard of and hope to never hear of again, Arthur Mendonça. Unfortunately, it’s been paired with Alexander Wang peep toe booties, which are always a bad decision.

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Going To An Oscars After Party? Better Dress Like An Idiot.

The good news is that the Oscars don’t stop when the curtain falls. Oh no. There are after parties, and I had no intention of staying up late enough on Sunday night to blog about them for Monday. That means that we get two Oscar posts: one for the important, badly dressed people who were there, and one for everyone who went to the after-parties.

The bad–or good, if you’re me–news is that while the Oscars themselves had some excellent dresses, the after-parties had some seriously questionable decision making.

Brace for impact, this post is going to be LONG.

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So, the BAFTAs also took place over the weekend, meaning that the stars were split throughout LA, New York, and London.

There were some great looks at the BAFTAs, such as Jessica Chastain in an absolutely perfect cobalt blue, and Jennifer Lawrence finally getting the better Dior gown.

Speaking of better Dior, Marion Cotillard really got the short end of the stick here. It has the same technical issues as Jennifer Lawrence’s SAGs dress (not discussed here, but at great length elsewhere on the internet, since it looked like it was half falling apart thanks to sheer linings). However, this dress mostly looks like it’s missing a chunk.

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