Billboard Music Messes

My attempts to not delay this morning were violently struck down by a storm last night and a metric ton of things to do this morning. Clearly I am bad at blogging, deadlines, and life.

Anyway, last night were the Billboard Awards. There were several badly dressed people, and since we’re also in the middle of Cannes, and Eurovision was this weekend, I found myself debating what to write about due to an overabundance of options.

But here we have some of the offenders from last night’s event.

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Macrame Shirts And Bell Bottoms? Ugh.

It is not the 1970’s.

As far as I can tell, there are good and bad things about that. Music was a lot better (Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, The Who, etc.), but fashion was a lot worse. Fewer people wore leggings as pants, but you had to be blonde and skinny to be beautiful (so not that much different, I suppose).

Vanessa Hudgens seems to think it is somewhere between 1969 and 1975, and that makes me sad inside.

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Snow Delay

So last night, my internet died. This has made it somewhat difficult to write a scathing fashion post.

Check back in a few hours, I may have something proper up.

Red Eye Makeup Just Looks Like An Unfortunate Disease

I’ve been saving this picture of Kristen Stewart since last week, mostly since I didn’t want to blog about her two days in a row.  Now I’m only using it because I am writing this in a haze of nyquil and N repeatedly trying to get me to wear my lion hat indoors.  So, yes, this is a bit phoned in.  I may rewrite this intro if I regain cognitive function.

Speaking of cognitive function or lack thereof, sometimes I wonder if that’s the problem with Kristen Stewart’s stylist.  The girl is very pretty when she actually puts effort in, but most of the time her stylists seem content to let her go stomping out onto the red carpet in an inexplicably see-through outfit and awkward makeup.  At least when she’s wearing ratty tshirts and converse she looks comfortable. But this post is about her questionable makeup decisions.

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Uggs And Shorts In October

I have turned a begrudging blind eye to the endless parade of Ugg boots and yoga pants and Ugg boots and sweats.  It is a visual tragedy of my daily life, but if I blogged about every girl I saw wearing those horrible boots with ridiculous trousers, you’d all be bored of me ranting about how Uggs are the worst.  I make it several weeks at least since I’ve mentioned that Uggs are the worst.

I very nearly got a picture the other day of a girl wearing leopard print spangly Ugg-type boots, but it would have been too obvious and the lighting was poor.  This will have to suffice, as it is still atrocious.

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