Haute Couture Or Hot Mess?

I hesitated about this.  I promised myself at the beginning of the week that I wouldn’t blog about the haute couture shows.  They’re intended to be conceptual and out-there, more performance art meets the runway than actual wearable fashion.  The pieces are intended to make you think and to showcase the truly staggering amount of work that goes into creating these pieces.  It’s over-the-top absurdity.

Of course, anymore it’s about half shameless Oscar bait and half awkward concept pieces.  The problem lies in commitment to absurdity.  When pieces are truly absurd and conceptual (see: the Dior show), I’m on board.  It makes me think, makes me interested in the craftsmanship that has allowed these designers and seamstresses to manipulate fabric in that way.  When pieces are glorious, Oscary goodness, I am also extremely on board.

Unfortunately, Karl Lagerfeld was involved.

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Androgyny Goes Both Ways

There has been a trend in menswear that I don’t understand.  It all started with Kanye and his skirt and leather meggings at the 12-12-12 benefit concert, and I decided to give it a pass then because I couldn’t be bothered.

But then I started seeing articles about womenswear inspired menswear on the runways.  I suppose it was only a matter of time given 1) how bonkers Fashion is right now, and 2) that women have been wearing menswear inspired outfits for ages.  For whatever reason, I find this a lot more awkward.  Social Justice! types would claim it’s because I am restrained by gender roles, or perhaps I am limited by my white, cisgender upbringing and therefore do not understand the plight of the transvestite model, but maybe I just don’t think men in skirts or dresses as a Fall Fashion campaign is really a good business decision.  It kind of limits the market, I would think.

But here are some examples of womenswear inspired menswear and my problems with them.

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Just When You All Thought Fashion Week Was Over

It’s BRIDAL fashion week, or bridal market as it gets called.

Apparently, it is somehow Fall 2013 in bridal (fun fact: the HuffPost and the Wedding Channel disagree on which season it is.  Wedding Channel says Spring ’13, so I’m going to go with that, since it makes SENSE), which seems wrong, somehow.  I realize bridal is completely bonkers, since I am actively involved in the Business, but sometimes it blows even my accustomed mind.

I love bridal, though.  The trends change slower and more rationally, and generally, instead of celebrating anorexia, bridal celebrates womanhood and femininity.  You still get sticks on the runway, but a lot of gowns, girls need a rocking set of curves to pull off.  Bridal is a celebration of being a woman.  I love that about it.

There are elements I don’t love as much.  Here are some things about Spring 2013 that are putting me off:

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A Fashion Week Retrospective Slash Horror Show Part Deux

As I was so irritably noting yesterday, I kind of divide High Fashion into a couple of categories: The Conceptual, The Ready to Wear, and the Liars.  Today, we discuss the last.

There are phrases in Fashion that get bandied about by the Stella McCartneys and Victoria Beckhams of the world: “I’m always designing what I want to wear,” and “There is not one single thing out there I would not want to wear.”

This statement is a bit rich, as evidenced by the below.

WARNING: Very image heavy, lots of Stella.

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A Fashion Week Retrospective Slash Horror Show Part One

Last week, the main set of Fashion Weeks wrapped up in Paris, after New York, London, and Milan all had their attempts at convincing me that Fashion is anything other than completely deranged right now.

It should be stated right here that none of them succeeded.

Part of that reason is the street fashion, only one designer of which I shall complain about today.

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