Send Me Your Disasters!

As mentioned in the About This Blag page, I am very fond of user submissions.  You keep me despairing of the world and laughing at the truly unfortunate outfits, and I love it.  Bring it on.

So!  Send me your local fashion disasters or pictures of tragic celebrities/personalities/whoever the hell.

I can be reached via twitter @bad_fads, on facebook, or at my email

I can’t promise when I’ll get to them, but as long as they pass my rigorous standards, I will shamelessly mock them on the internet, free of charge.

Please attempt to:

1) Have a clear picture of the disaster in question

2) Not include the person’s face.  I can blur it out or what-have-you, but it’s better form not to have it in the first place.

Thank you; we now return to your regularly scheduled bitchery.


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