Cannes Shenanigans

It should be noted that due to summer-related laziness, every blog post this week has been late. I feel bad about this and resolve to start afresh next week.

What I do not feel bad about is the fact that it’s the Cannes Film Festival, and so far people are mostly dressing well. Nicole Kidman, as one of the jurors, has looked particularly excellent, and while Carey Mulligan DID wear an oddly textured Alexander Wang jumpsuit, the timing was such that I didn’t blog about it.

But as we get into the festival, I now have some things to complain about. We start off with Clotilde, Princess of Venice (that’s a thing?), who has taken a far too literal inspiration from her city’s aquatic roots.

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Macrame Shirts And Bell Bottoms? Ugh.

It is not the 1970’s.

As far as I can tell, there are good and bad things about that. Music was a lot better (Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, The Who, etc.), but fashion was a lot worse. Fewer people wore leggings as pants, but you had to be blonde and skinny to be beautiful (so not that much different, I suppose).

Vanessa Hudgens seems to think it is somewhere between 1969 and 1975, and that makes me sad inside.

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Can See Through Shirts Just Go Away Now Please?

Maybe I am secretly Very Old instead of just a crotchety 20-something, but I HATE this whole see-through-everything trend. It’s unnecessary and incredibly crass to go about with your underwear on display. It just seems attention-seeking and gross. It’s like those dudes who can’t seem to put a shirt on. Fun to look at, but you’re thinking, “What a dudebro.”

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the matter.

I don’t need to have on a see-through shirt to feel sexy or beautiful. I know and love my body as it is, and I feel like seeing my entire person is a limited privilege. Yes, I will change in front of my friends. Yes, I will sometimes walk around the house with no pants on. But those are, to use an older version of the word, intimate moments. My best friend’s cousin’s former roommate isn’t going to turn up and see me in my bra. My friends and N might, but that’s different than going out in public with a shirt that is a single layer of cheap chiffon.

tl;dr: Not everyone needs to see your bra.

As for what sparked my ire, we have Kim Kardashian wearing a see through shirt and a bra as though that is somehow socially acceptable.

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Bright Floral Pants Are Still Bad

When it comes to wearing floral pants, I’m generally of the opinion that it’s a terrible idea. They can go from fashion-forward to grandmotherly before you can say “Sound of Music”.

But when they’re a bright, and by bright I mean verging on neon, floral print, I just get all confused. It’s not really grandmotherly, but I still think it’s a bad idea to have prints on your pants.

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BAFTA Shenanigans

As is so often the case at these sorts of events (The TV BAFTAS), there are some people who got it fantastically right, such as Helen McCrory. I suspect she was in Oscar de la Renta, which is always a good choice for these sorts of things. She looked beautiful and tasteful. Other people tried hard but ultimately looked ridiculous. These are their stories. (Law & Order Noise) Read more of this post