An Atrocious Leggings Trifecta

I’ve been getting a higher than usual number of comments recently suggesting that my Leggings Are Not Pants belief is born of jealousy and size instead of faith in fabrics other than spandex.

Let me just clarify that here and now. I do not think that leggings are pants because they are not pants (holy tautology, Batman). They are workout gear, or something to be worn under a dress or a tunic. They are not actual pants. If something being worn as pants is so skintight you have a camel toe, they are not pants. Also, I don’t care if you are a size 2 or 32, people probably don’t actually WANT to be able to guess your measurements. And I’m going to expand that statement out–any leg covering clothing solution that is so skin-tight you get a camel toe is not a good decision.

All of this can be backed up by the following picture of three girls all wearing leggings as pants and all looking ridiculous.

We have regular strength, extra floral, and baffling fake pockets and fly. Which do you like the least?

I’m perhaps most annoyed by the printed leggings (surprise!). I have a well-documented dislike of loud florals anyway, and I feel like they just look silly on pants. As for the fake pockets? That seems completely pointless and weird, particularly when they’re accompanied by a fake fly on the front. I’m bewildered why any designer would choose to make something like that.

Weigh in in the comments about leggings, my stance on them, which leggings are the worst, and I will see you all tomorrow.

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Anonymous 20-something, full of opinions about what you're wearing.

2 Responses to An Atrocious Leggings Trifecta

  1. AnnaBtG says:

    Both the floral and fake zippers are atrocious.

    Sometimes I have come across leggings that were not completely atrocious – made out of thicker fabrics, something between very tight pants and leggings. But mostly, leggings are not pants.

  2. rosario says:

    Welcome to my world. This picture would be a common sight where I live in this town where leggings are pants. If you can’t beat them then join them because there is no one left that cares.


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