Cannes We Not?

That is a terrible pun, and I apologize for it. Self-aware terrible jokes are awesome, though.

Anyway, the Cannes film festival is ongoing, and several people seem to be….confused. I am not okay with it.

This is just…completely see-through. You can see her underwear and how she’s covering her boobs. NOT OKAY.

It looks vaguely derived from that stupid Versace dress J-Lo famously wore to the Grammy’s, and I hate most things that are derived from Famous Dresses. Any wedding dress with an obnoxious train and a thousand ruffles will be compared to Diana’s, anything with a giant safety-pinned slit will be compared to Liz Hurley in HER Famous Dress.

But this? Awful.

See through, awful, and vaguely but awkwardly mod with all the circles. I am not on board with this.

At least she is not molting, like Jessica Biel clearly is.

This is also clearly derivative of a famous dress. Bjork’s.

The infamous Oscars swan dress has clearly started losing its feathers. That is not the dress the new Mrs. Sexyback should be wearing.

Of course, I would argue that NO ONE should be wearing a dress like that, and that Marchesa is continuing its streak of being completely crazy-town banana-pants.

See you all tomorrow.

(Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

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Anonymous 20-something, full of opinions about what you're wearing.

2 Responses to Cannes We Not?

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    That is Eva Longoria right? What is she even doing there? Desperate Housewives is over and was good for exactly ONE season. Jessica Biel looks way better even with the feathers.

  2. Michael says:

    Molting? Looks more like they forgot to take out all the packing materials. Molting is almost too kind. Carry on!


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