The Great Good-God-What-Are-You-Wearing-sby

So I loved Moulin Rouge. It was a glorious, over-the-top fantasy that had the added bonus of Ewan McGregor singing.

I really enjoyed Romeo + Juliet. It felt a bit irreverent in regards to Shakespeare, but it was fun, over-the-top and had the added bonus of Leonardo diCaprio with boy band hair.

I have some concerns about The Great Gatsby. It’s either going to be amazing or an absolute shit-show, and I am going to watch the hell out of it either way. Why we need a Great American Novel IN THREE DEE!!! is beyond me, but that is all unrelated to my current concern, which is in regards to how badly Isla Fisher’s dress needed to have a lining on the bottom half.

That is all but a glorified t-shirt in terms of the bodice’s length.

I mean, really. If we got rid of the lace curtains at the bottom, it would be an impossibly short dress that she wouldn’t be able to walk in, let alone go up any stairs in, without flashing the known universe. It also has that thing that has annoyed me so much recently of being an unfortunate combination of frumpy and overly revealing. If the bottom of that was lined, I would say, “Give it to Judy Dench”. But it isn’t, and so I am confused. Also, I would narrate my viewing of that dress as I scrolled with, “Cute…cute…cute…I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING”.

But Isla Fisher was not the only unfortunately dressed person at the Great Gatsby’s premiere.

Kate Mulvaney, whoever that is, also wore unlined lace curtains.

The way I decide if something is awful is to imagine it without the see-through sections. If it’s indecently short then, it’s still indecently short but it’s also lying about it.

Then Martha Stewart turned up and wore spangly gold capri leggings with a coat. It is exactly as awful as it sounds.

Ugh. No. Spangly leggings aren’t pants, Martha Stewart.

I don’t even.

Less than one week until the Met Gala. Last night Anna Wintour wore Chanel. I can’t wait to see her try to dress like a punk next Monday.

(Photo Credits: JustJared, DailyMail)


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6 Responses to The Great Good-God-What-Are-You-Wearing-sby

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    Martha is 71 years old and if that weren’t reason enough not to wear spangly gold leggings, the bruises on her shins are.

  2. I see Martha Stewart. In capri leggings. Spangly, gold capri leggings. *dies*

  3. AnnaBtG says:

    Hahahaha Martha Stewart’s leggings!

    The unlined lace skirts need to stop being a thing yesterday.


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