Sometimes I Just…What???

It’s hard to describe this next look. It’s hard to even know what to SAY about this next look.

As always, I understand counter culture looks, and there can be variations on nearly every stereotype’s standard look that are beautiful, well-done, and work. Sometimes, all it takes is enough panache to pull something wacky off (see: Helena Bonham Carter or Diane Kruger). This is something I even try to encourage in my girls at work–if they’re wearing something a little more avant garde, they need to just embrace it and love it, and they’ll pull it off. You can’t slouch your way through looking out-there, you will just look like a hot mess instead of hot.

I’m truthfully impressed I manged over 100 words before the cut, since my response to the email with this was basically, “I DON’T EVEN.”

I just....what??

I just….what??

You know what? I think if it’d just been kind of the standards, like the fishnets and the giant slouchy pants, and even a little bit the unnecessary crop top, I might have just said, “Huh.” But the fuzzy green legwarmers just really….wow. They’re also noticeably not part of her shoes, which means she did that on purpose. Are giant fuzzy legwarmers something that even make sense with the rest of this look?

(Obviously not, they are giant fuzzy green legwarmers.)

The only vague connection I have made, and this one is a pretty serious stretch, was when I was thinking, “How many Sesame Street characters had to die for those to exist?” That resulted in some googling, and the realization that the only fuzzy green character is Oscar the Grouch. Those legwarmers are clearly made from him.

Or perhaps they are just bonkers. That’s my original theory anyway, and since the more I look at the picture, the more confused I get, I’m going to save my sleep-addled brain and get coffee instead.

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Anonymous 20-something, full of opinions about what you're wearing.

5 Responses to Sometimes I Just…What???

  1. bwcarey says:

    so long as your clean and your heart is in the right place, besides, when does the interior of the soul ever reflect the exterior, rarely, then again, good wine is hard to find, a good heart even harder

  2. AnnaBtG says:

    Are those legwarmers? I thought they were part of the pants.

    This outfit is ridiculous. Where can you be that wearing something like that would be appropriate??

  3. Michael says:

    All I can say is “oh my….”


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