Going Braless Is Not The New Sexy

I feel like any time a fashion magazine advocates something as “The New ____” there is at least a 60% chance that it’s a terrible idea. Brown was never going to be the new black; orange was never going to be the new pink; and visible nipples are not the new sexy.

I’m not sure the magazine in question, given that it’s the Italian magazine Grazia and I saw an article referring to it on the Daily Fail, used the phrase “Nipples are the new sexy”, but just in case they did, I’m going to come right out with it.


One, going about without a bra is socially awkward if the weather is anything less than absolutely perfect. I do not want everyone around me aware of how cold I am, and I don’t want to be aware of that on anyone else.

Now, given how obviously not safe for work this topic is, I’m trying to be at least somewhat delicate about my phrasing and I’m not going to include a picture of someone’s boobs sagging about because that is unfortunate. I will include this helpful link for those wondering what’s sparked my ire.


On a more serious note, I know there are places around the world where tragedies like the one in Boston are all too common-place, so I thought I’d include a link to the International Red Cross as well as the American Red Cross to help donate to a cause that helps in the aftermath of these horrible events. To those in Boston or anyone affected by bombings, my thoughts are with you.

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One Response to Going Braless Is Not The New Sexy

  1. It could be the aftermath of this study. Let’s just hope it doesn’t catch on…



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