Lifesplosion, And Yet, Harem Pants Are Still Atrocious

You know, I felt bad about this one. I wrote it close to my 8 a.m. deadline because I struggled with justifying this one. I also wrote it close to my deadline because once again I am in the throes of a lifesplosion.

But why is Halle Berry going out in public wearing even MORE ridiculous harem pants???

I get (though not through experience) feeling frumpy and such from being pregnant, and I get wanting to be comfortable. But Halle Berry is quite possibly one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and she chooses pants that were clearly stolen from 1990.

I suppose one could claim that the 90’s are aggressively back in the Fashion world, when everything is full of grungy looks that are clearly a reference to Derelicte by Mugatu, but does that really mean that harem pants need to come back? These actually look like something from Aladdin.

Those are PANTS. If it had been a skirt, I never would have glanced at it. But those are pants.

What, I ask you, is the point of pants where the inseam is a foot long not because they are shorts but because the crotch is somewhere south of your knees?

And look! She’s got someone in her entourage wearing harem-style pants that may actually be fake acid-splotched denim! What IS that??

I can’t actually tell from the picture, but I’m concerned that even if they’re not harem pants, they are awkwardly baggy everywhere except the ankles, which is almost as bad. Is this going to be the next leggings-as-pants? I refuse.

(Photo Credit: Daily Mail Online)

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10 Responses to Lifesplosion, And Yet, Harem Pants Are Still Atrocious

  1. I want to give her a pass because she’s pregnant, but her tomfoolery has gone on for far too long.

    • badfads says:

      That was why I hesitated, because I get dressing a little bizarrely while pregnant, but this is just weird. Also, she definitely wore some awkward cut-out spiderweb having dress that nearly made me blog about her AGAIN this week.

  2. AnnaBtG says:

    Oh my.

    Also, I hate the shoes.

  3. cissyblue says:

    Maybe some things even transcend fashion, grasshopper…. this lady is clearly unconcerned, strong… who cares, I mean, come on… and the other friend just has on some re-cycled, up-cycled tie dyed cotton trousers of some sort, I usually love your remarks, so clever, but this just feels rough, hollow, sad, really… maybe it’s your focus lately…. maybe? I mean, really, there’s a right to have something sacred, yes? Maybe they are wearing sacred pants…. 🙂 Peace!

    • badfads says:

      I can openly admit that I’ve been in the middle of a crazy life explosion and my ability to snark intelligently about ridiculous pants is suffering as a result. Hopefully I will get it together soon and stop writing when I’m incoherent with exhaustion.

      • cissyblue says:

        I’ve just had a really bad day, and I apologize. I totally understand. I feel like dressing like those girls myself, sometimes… it just gets hard to give a crap anymore… my bad…. not yours…. please forgive me…. peace

        • badfads says:

          No, you’re fine. And I get having something frumpy to wear around, no matter how ridiculous it is. I have a giant blue bathrobe that I love more than most things which I am currently wearing over pajama pants I stole from N and refuse to give back (note: N is 6’3, and I am decidedly not. They look ridiculous, and I love them.). Besides, I’m happy to take constructive criticism.:)
          I hope that your bad day got better and that you have an excellent weekend.


          • Cissy Caple says:

            thank you for the reality check! haha, your energy feels wonderful, as I remember how easily you can make me laugh… and I am totally into fashion– I sew… building a new studio this summer! I really don’t know where that sudden defense of Miss Halle and friend came from… she”s just so freakin’ hot and awesome even in those skirt pants… take their images out of uptown and place them in a golden field of Indian sunset, it might have worked… blehh, going to bed, adios amiga!

  4. nakitaaudrey says:

    Oh hell. Halle Berry. Why????


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