Oddly Printed Leggings: Still Not Pants

This is something I don’t think I will EVER budge on. If you’re wearing something that will give you a camel toe as pants instead of actual pants (which generally speaking, will not), I will probably be secretly side-eyeing you. I will double that side-eye if they are a pattern that looks like it was ripped out of a Missoni show or a skiing sweater because it is unflattering, dizzying, and an atrocious trend that I thought we were over by now.

Isn’t fashion supposed to move forward? It feels like I’ve been seeing atrocious skiing or Missoni leggings for several seasons now, and I am not on board at all. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why wear something that skin tight as pants unless you want EVERYONE to be gynocologically acquainted with you? And then why make them an awful pattern on top of it? I just don’t get it, and I despair of the world.

This was taken at a dance party. Everyone else in the frame is wearing what I would call normal dance wear. This girl got her pants and skiing sweater confused.

This was taken at a dance party. Everyone else in the frame is wearing what I would call normal dance wear. This girl got her pants and skiing sweater confused.

I am also reliably informed that her shirt was short in the front, and long in the back, leading  me to believe that the world has actually gone mad. I realize high fashion crop tops are a thing (not a good thing, mind), but a confused white blouse is just a sad thing for everyone.

We also need to talk about the clunky shoes, which are a bad decision all the time, but doubly so when wearing them with leggings as pants. They are awful, they do not go, and I do not understand people this morning.

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11 Responses to Oddly Printed Leggings: Still Not Pants

  1. AnnaBtG says:

    You used my pic! I am so flattered!

  2. bubblymel says:

    She is wearing Uggs!!! that is most definitely not dance wear unless you are camping and that is whole other Kettle of fish!

    • badfads says:

      Dancing while camping? I still think camp/dancing should be accompanied by something a little more boho-chic, like a really flouncy cotton dress. Those leggings belong nowhere but the bottom of a trash can.

  3. rosario says:

    I am affraid we lost the battle!! Leggings as pants and weird patterns leggings are populating the streets and malls like crazy. The only safe place is at home unless your wear your leggings as pants.

  4. Peter says:

    This is funny. Yes, leggings can be revealing but they can also be tasteful if incorporated properly into an outfit. A nice white tunic completes a pair of leggings nicely — and covers the camel.

    • badfads says:

      I have no problem with leggings as long as they’re worn with something that keeps them from being too revealing. I object to leggings-as-pants, not leggings as a whole.

  5. Emma Snow says:

    I disagree with you. We like to wear leggings because there really is not anything else that accents our curves as good. Leggings take the nude body and smooth it out, covering up the blemishes but leaving the curves. When I look in the mirror with my leggings on I am so happy with how they make my curves pop. I really think there are just many jealous women because no one is glancing their way.

    • tits mcgee says:

      “how they make my curves pop” …somehow, i’m thinking you’re someone who could easily show up as a feature on here. just don’t do it. the “nude body” does NOT need “smoothing out” (your grammar, on the other hand…). trust me, you don’t look good, and if your friends are telling you that you do… they’re lying. that’s not jealousy on anybody’s face, it’s nausea. it’s easy to confuse, i know! you’ll get it someday, i have faith.


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