The Grammy Awards: At Least There Isn’t Any Stella McCartney

Today’s problem lies not in lack of inspiration, but in overabundance. New York Fashion Week started on the 7th, the Grammy Awards AND the BAFTAs (British Academy Awards) were Sunday, and people were out in force dressed like complete morons. There are too many options before me.

But the Grammys tried to implement a dress code, and yet people still managed to dress really badly. The Grammys tried to tell the various celebrities and random musicians that they couldn’t indecently expose themselves, but god knows that can’t keep the Rihannas and such of the world down.

This is very pretty. I wish it wasn’t indecently see-through (which it kind of is, sorry).

I think her thought process must have been, “Screw the rules, I’m Rihanna!”

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez wore a bag with holes for one leg and the opposite shoulder.  It too was practically indecent in that her ENTIRE right leg was out of that black garbage bag calling itself a dress. I mean this quite literally. The dress was basically half of a jumpsuit, since her leg seemed to go through some sort of leg hole, like an awkward leotard.

The one crazy long leg just there with nothing else to make it look normal is a VERY odd look.

How does she even walk like that? One leg in a huge blousey bit of fabric with no apparent hem, and the other just out there? I feel like I would trip every three seconds and accidentally expose myself for the rest of them. Minus 1000 points.

Speaking of awkward…

This looks like a figure skating costume had a slight tulle accident, or a figure skating costume as done by one of the wacky ones on Project Runway. I frown at her.

Oh, Kimbra. Your dress is not wackily endearing, it’s just wacky and overly see-through.

Speaking of overly see-through, this is basically a black lace Little Mermaid costume gone horribly wrong.

Gross. (Photo Credit: The Daily Mail)

I am not amused. Neither, I suspect, are the people in charge of the Grammys who attempted to insist on relative modesty on the red carpet.

Moving to the opposite end of the bad spectrum, Adele continues to prove that whoever is currently in charge at Valentino is mostly inspired by carpets, old curtains, and Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.

Too much of everything there. Also, the shoes match. I can’t deal with this.

Those are my thoughts. There were other disasters over the weekend, but I’ll save them for another day.

(Photo Credit: JustJared)

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3 Responses to The Grammy Awards: At Least There Isn’t Any Stella McCartney

  1. AnnaBtG says:

    I’m so with you on Rihanna. This could have been a gorgeous dress.

    I would have liked Lopez’s dress if it had a nice, high cut instead of the hole for the leg, and maybe if it wasn’t so crazy, all-over-the-place long.

    #3 and #4 are too bad for words.

    This dress makes Adele look huge, and she’s big enough already. I’m sorry. There’s no nice way to put it.

    • badfads says:

      Lopez’s dress was WEIRD, and I am so not on board with whatever was going on there.

      There were some all-around HOT MESSES at the Grammys, and I am side-eyeing all of them.

  2. I am especially sorry for Adele. That is a very unfortunate (and UGLY) dress for her figure. I kind of like Kimbra’s dress, even though it’s terribly wrong. I have a penchant for terribly wrong, as you know 😉


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