The Other End Of The Other End

As some of you may recall, yesterday I wrote about the most appallingly tiny shorts I had ever seen.  I think everyone, myself included, wanted a new brain and set of eyeballs after that…revealing monstrosity.  And yet it is not just misguided girls who manage to show off fully half of their asses while out in public.  In keeping with yesterday’s epic display of half an ass, I present: the other half.

Alternative title for this post: “Pants on the Ground”

“Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground….”

Let’s look at the other two guys.  Their shorts are being worn in the traditional manner: over the ass, covering it.  The guy in the middle seems to be unaware of where the hips are on the body.  Maddening.

This is something that has been around for ages, but I still find irritating.  Pants worn below the ass are unflattering and ridiculous, mostly because 1) asses are essential to making pants hang properly, and 2) isn’t the point of pants/shorts to keep our bits covered?  This is doing a very poor job of that.

I’m also really disturbed that as blurry as this picture is, you can still see the crack of his ass.  What is he WEARING under those shorts, and why didn’t he look in the mirror?

I maintain that many of the world’s sartorial problems would be solved if everyone took an extra second to look in the mirror to make sure everything looks right.

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7 Responses to The Other End Of The Other End

  1. Rosario says:

    This is a very common fad with the guys where I live. One has to wonder how do they keep their pants from falling to the ground? Or maybe they do and they don’t care.

  2. AnnaBtG says:

    Thankfully they don’t do that much nowadays (or maybe not at the places where I hang out), but it was such a thing when I was in high school. Disgusting!

    While we’re at it, isn’t a male ass covered in jeans just so much sexier??

    • rosario says:

      I think guys look better in women’s jeans and no I don’t mean skinny jeans. Men’s jeans have a higher waist band and depending on the guys shape the waist band usually ends up at his hips leaving loose baggy material in the rear. I know a few guys that wear womens jeans and they do look good in them.

    • badfads says:

      A male ass in a good pair of jeans is downright hot, particularly compared to the above mess.

  3. Phj says:

    For the record, I was waiting for the train to go into Chicago and an awesome old lady walked up to an early 20 something and told him to pull up his pants because no one wanted to see that. She saw me trying no to laugh as he pulled up his pants out of fear and told me that she had three male grand children and therefore had every right to say something.


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