Denim Panties?

Okay.  As we approach the end of shorts season, I feel it is imperative to remind everyone that just because you can wear shorts does not mean you should.  Shorts are texting while drunk:  Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should just go ahead and send that guy in your office a picture of your ass.

That is basically what these shorts are doing, though.  Everyone who sees this chick is getting a full-blown view of the lower half of her bottom.  And when, I must ask, did that become appropriate outside of a beach?

I suppose the rules of appropriateness have become at least somewhat moot in that I have seen an astonishing number of people wearing shirts that are completely see-through and sometimes backless.  But that does not make this any less disgusting.

I’m pretty sure half of her ass is hanging out of those shorts.

I fail to see how those qualify as actual shorts.  Those are a pair of panties, but made of denim.  Did she think that because she’s wearing sheer black tights that her ass is somehow contained?  Because she is so very wrong.  She should be able to feel that she’s only a stairway away from a taint-slip.

Let us also appreciate Girl Next To Taint-Slip.  She is wearing an Actual Shirt, an Actual Tunic even, with leggings, and no one can see her ass.  It is such a beautiful thing, not being intimately acquainted with the particulars of someone’s dietary habits.

I would like to state for the record that I grossed myself into a stunned prose-silence for a solid hour after writing the above sentence.

Anyway, regarding shorts, the first step upon trying on a pair should be to find a full-length mirror, preferably a three-way mirror, so you have a prayer of seeing your own ass.  Then look at your own ass in the mirror.  If you can see cheeks, even a little bit, your shorts are too short.  Put them away and do not buy them.  If you already own them, give them away, throw them away, set them on fire, just PLEASE don’t wear those things.

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Anonymous 20-something, full of opinions about what you're wearing.

8 Responses to Denim Panties?

  1. Sophie says:

    I knew as soon as I saw the title this was going to be a picture from the UK…

  2. Maggie O'C says:

    Did you actually see this? That’s, well you know what that is.

  3. AnnaBtG says:


  4. rosariok says:

    I may be old fashion but I do love wearing pantyhose, I even wear them under my leggings this time of the year. But I have never wore them with shorts it just looks so bad even if the shorts arn’t cut off at the crotch.


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