I Have No Comprehension Of What Is Going On Here

There is a seemingly infinite list of Things I Hate in fashion.  With good reason, mind you.  There are many looks that are too unfortunate to give the time of day to, such as jumpsuits, sheer lace, inexplicable sheerness period, and fringed anything.  This gets three out of four, which is a shocking percentage for something spotted in the Real World and not on some bonkers runway in Milan or Paris.  Speaking of sheer lace, tomorrow will prominently feature Doily Pants.

I may be more than presently disgruntled because I have spent quality time in the past few days looking at Milan Fashion Week as well as getting on Vogue’s website and reading their joke of a best dressed list for last week that involved multiple sadsack Valentino looks.  I do not understand.  There is something rotten in the state of fashion.

Anyway, here is today’s disaster, full of sheerness, fringe, exposed bras, and bonus mad prints:

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