Velour Tracksuits With Fringed Boots?

There were several topics I debated discussing today.

Milan Fashion Week is on right now, featuring a wide variety of crazy.  I haven’t got anything as infuriating as the skin and bones Marc Jacobs models in crop tops, but there is more sheer fabric than I care to think about, and a lot of oddly oversized silhouettes.  Can both of those trends go away already?  I thought they were a 2012 thing.  Actually, I wished they were only a 2012 thing.  And yet, there they all are, all over the runway, hurting my eyes.

It was also the Emmys last night, and people mostly dressed well, which while a good thing, does not help my penchant for laughing at bad clothing decisions.  There were a few oddballs, but nothing shocking, although Heidi Klum’s dress was basically a shedding bathing suit.

So, instead of high fashion, we’re going to talk about some seriously white trash couture: velour tracksuits and boots.


Here’s my thing: tracksuits are already gross and trashy.  I am the sort of girl who does not even go outside to get the mail in sweatpants, let alone school/the mall/anywhere people might see me.  I understand wanting to be comfortable, but a solid velour tracksuit just seems…unnecessary.  And yet, I see so many people running around in some horrible tracksuit in an eye-shattering color with words on the butt or down the sides.  Whatever happened to wearing real pants made out of a fabric you cannot also wear to the gym?

Also, any kind of fringed boot is a bit silly, but throwing fringed boots on top of velour is just too much texture, and too much trash.  The whole look is just extremely dubious, and I frown at it.

So, while you may go into Victoria’s Secret and become bamboozled by the shockingly bright velour tracksuits, do not fall prey to the PINK! lines delusions.  They are also the people who brought us shorts with words on the butt, which is a sad thing for everyone.

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