Velour Tracksuits With Fringed Boots?

There were several topics I debated discussing today.

Milan Fashion Week is on right now, featuring a wide variety of crazy.  I haven’t got anything as infuriating as the skin and bones Marc Jacobs models in crop tops, but there is more sheer fabric than I care to think about, and a lot of oddly oversized silhouettes.  Can both of those trends go away already?  I thought they were a 2012 thing.  Actually, I wished they were only a 2012 thing.  And yet, there they all are, all over the runway, hurting my eyes.

It was also the Emmys last night, and people mostly dressed well, which while a good thing, does not help my penchant for laughing at bad clothing decisions.  There were a few oddballs, but nothing shocking, although Heidi Klum’s dress was basically a shedding bathing suit.

So, instead of high fashion, we’re going to talk about some seriously white trash couture: velour tracksuits and boots.

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