Kelly Osbourne Should Not Be Your Hair Inspiration

Once upon a time, Kelly Osbourne dyed her hair lavender or grey, depending on which magazines or trashy online tabloids you occasionally read as a horrifying guilty pleasure. It was terrible, and no one seemed to advise her of this, proving pretty solidly that any show called “Fashion Police” may just be a sick joke being played on us by E!.  They’re already responsible for the Kardashians having a venue to display themselves, so I’m going to go ahead and perpetuate the “sick joke” theory.

But I do not understand why Kelly Osbourne is being marketed to us as fashion forward and interesting.  She usually looks very fashionable, yes, as in hitting all the trends bang-on, but she’s never really fashion-forward.  I don’t look at her and wonder what the hell she’s wearing and if I’ll be wearing a downmarket knock-off of it in a year and a half (aka Diane Kruger). She’s trendy, not stylish, and there is a world of a difference between those two.

But no one looks good with mystery pastel hair.

Is it grey? Is it lavender? Is the other bit blonde, white, or another Mystery Color? No one knows!

I have no problem with nontraditional hair colors, but I’m not as okay with this sort of pale mystery when I am in a store that sells me overpriced clothing.  Maybe that’s a personal thing, but I would also argue it didn’t look particularly good on her skin tone, especially if I’m wondering what the hell color that girl’s hair is. She also has a bit of a dye-induced mullet, where it’s a mystery in the front, and white-blonde in the back.  How is that a thing???

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2 Responses to Kelly Osbourne Should Not Be Your Hair Inspiration

  1. AnnaBtG says:

    Yes, it’s bad. It’s… colourless.


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