Kelly Osbourne Should Not Be Your Hair Inspiration

Once upon a time, Kelly Osbourne dyed her hair lavender or grey, depending on which magazines or trashy online tabloids you occasionally read as a horrifying guilty pleasure. It was terrible, and no one seemed to advise her of this, proving pretty solidly that any show called “Fashion Police” may just be a sick joke being played on us by E!.  They’re already responsible for the Kardashians having a venue to display themselves, so I’m going to go ahead and perpetuate the “sick joke” theory.

But I do not understand why Kelly Osbourne is being marketed to us as fashion forward and interesting.  She usually looks very fashionable, yes, as in hitting all the trends bang-on, but she’s never really fashion-forward.  I don’t look at her and wonder what the hell she’s wearing and if I’ll be wearing a downmarket knock-off of it in a year and a half (aka Diane Kruger). She’s trendy, not stylish, and there is a world of a difference between those two.

But no one looks good with mystery pastel hair.

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