Pre-Weekend Suggestions

It’s almost the weekend, and with that, many are getting ready to Go Out. This can be a difficult one to talk about without sounding like I’m  slut-shaming, but I’ll do my best to keep things on the up-and-up, partially because the line between underwear and clubwear is becoming increasingly blurred.  While it is incredibly easy to condemn the below picture as being ridiculous, where is the line?  It’s a tough question to answer, and I don’t know what the answer is.  Fashion week keeps showing crop tops that are basically bras underneath jackets, in fact just bras.  Is that inappropriate to wear Out?  I would argue yes, but once again, where’s the line?  Is a crop top itself inappropriate, or are they okay up to a certain point?

The other thing I would do is consider situational appropriateness.  This is a big thing.  There are places it is weird to wear certain things.  For instance, I have a gorgeous, floor-length black gown in my closet.  I have nowhere to wear it, because I would look stupid turning up to any restaurant or club around here in a formal gown.  I also have a truly tiny red dress.  I don’t wear it to class.  I don’t really wear it Out either, since it’s a bit fancy for a lot of the local bars.  But it’s good to know what the expectation is for where you’re going.  Are you going to a college bar?  Is it a high-end club?  Or just a local bar that also happens to have some dancing?

If the latter, maybe don’t wear this:


Let’s talk about how grossly out of place she looks because of what she’s wearing.  Everyone around her is dressed relatively normally.  She sticks out in a bad way due to how much skin she’s showing.  Also, holy hell, see-through sides on an already tiny skirt.  I can’t see the front, but she is basically wearing a loincloth and a bra.  I have many problems with this.  This is not a Tarzan film.  This is a dance bar in a Generic American Town.

So this weekend, no matter how strip-club like your dancing venue is, WEAR SOME ACTUAL CLOTHES.

About badfads
Anonymous 20-something, full of opinions about what you're wearing.

4 Responses to Pre-Weekend Suggestions

  1. AnnaBtG says:

    Ack, no! You forgot your shirt!!

  2. rosario says:

    I guess you couldn’t really wear panties with a skirt like that so why worry about wearing a blouse.
    At least she choose to wear a black bar rather then white to wear with that barely there skirt.


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