High Fashion Crop Tops Are Still A Thing?

I’ve had trouble writing this for an unusual reason.  Usually when I struggle with what to write about, it’s due to a lack of material.  Today, I have too much.  I’ve been catching up on New York Fashion Week and am generally full of my usual disgust and irritation for everyone in high fashion, particularly Marc Jacobs, and anyone who puts a crop top in their show, i.e. everyone.

The thing that’s really irritating me about the current trend toward crop tops is that they literally only look good on very tall, very thin women who still have curves, i.e. almost no one. You cannot be five feet tall and wearing a “bralette,” which is not a word (so I agree with the internet on this one), and not look like a disproportionate stump .  Of course, you can’t be six feet and emaciated and look anything other than scary, so this may in fact be a lose-lose-lose.  It gets three “loses.”  One for the models, one for the normal people, and one for anyone who sees someone in one.

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