Fishnets + Shorts + Frilly Socks???

I am going to be totally honest.  I am writing this at three a.m.  I intended to write this earlier, and yet I fell asleep absurdly early and with the lights on.  So I’m writing this now.  If I make any appalling grammar errors, I’ll fix them when I wake up properly.  That said, thank God for a good storm to wake me up!

Anyway, on to our daily train wreck.

I think I have spoken at least once before about how silly I think it is when people wear multiple sock…type items.  Socks WITH tights or hose seems a bit excessive.  Of course, all that visual absurdity goes to eleven when you realize that the socks are frilly, something I associate with little girls, since that’s the last time I had any in my sock drawer.  Then when you pair frilly socks with fishnets, I just become confused and a bit alarmed.

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