Labor Day Means Weddings Means Sartorial Lunacy Abounds

So, of Labor Day Weekends in the past six years, I have been at weddings on three of them (Happy Anniversary, J!).  It’s a good thing, since weddings are (generally) a good time all around.  But when there are many people dressing up there are inevitably people who skew the dressing well curve in either direction.  For instance, on one end of the spectrum was a woman whose Christian Louboutins caused me to seethe with a violent case of shoe envy.  After a few cocktails, I told her how much I loved her shoes.  I think she thought I was a madwoman.  I’m okay with it, because those shoes were worth being That Girl accosting a complete stranger about her footwear.

But all said, it was a fairly posh wedding.  The reception was at a country club with delicious canapes and electric blue cocktails.  And yet, despite such elegance, there were still some people on the other, not quite as elegant end of the spectrum.

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