See-Through Clothing Seems A Poor Planning Decision

This see-through shirt thing must cease.

I don’t really care about it on girls who are clever enough to either 1) wear a camisole underneath, or 2) wear a bra in an appropriate color such as nude under a shirt that is not completely transparent.  Translucency is sometimes unavoidable in women’s clothing, although it does seem to be getting worse.

What I object to is when a shirt that is CLEARLY meant to have something underneath it, such as a completely sheer, lacy “blouse” is just worn with like, a purple bra or something, or when someone goes gallivanting about in a mesh shirt and bra like that’s appropriate to wear to anything other than a trashy club.


That is a sight that exactly no one wants to see.

Needless to say, N and I were horrified. I’m still not sure what conceit leads to the thought, “I’m going to wear a completely see through shirt out to dinner!” Is it a cultural disease right now, where women just do not care anymore who sees what? I’d care less, since I think the American obsession with keeping sensuality shameful is ridiculous, but this look is just kind of unattractive on pretty much everyone.

So please. Look at that see through shirt hanging in the store and realize that it SHOULD have something underneath, if only a non obtrusive bra. That said, please do wear a bra. And the best option is just to wear shirts that are sufficiently opaque.

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2 Responses to See-Through Clothing Seems A Poor Planning Decision

  1. Rosario says:

    Another example of lazy people that leave the house without looking in a mirror to see if their undies are visable. Either that they just don’t care.


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