If You Are Wearing Cat Ears On Any Other Day Than Halloween, Try Again

I will also allow comic-cons and anime conventions.

But I still don’t get it.  There’s that great Mean Girls quote about how the hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some sort of animal ears as a costume, but they still get abused like crazy by the more delusional amongst us.

A few points before I horrify you with two separate examples:

1) Catgirls only exist in anime, and are only considered attractive in anime.  In real life, it’s basically furry-lite.

2) Wearing animal ears (AND A TAIL) with otherwise normal clothes just makes you look crazy.

3) No.

It really is a very silly look all around, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from going out in public wearing cat ears and tails for no reason.

This was taken at a convention.
A VAMPIRE themed convention, yes, but making sense is optional, right?

Now, that ALMOST makes sense, but not quite.  If she had big fuzzy wolf ears (FOR THE WEREWOLVES, OMFG!!!11!!1!), I would only side-eye her for tastelessness, but they are quite clearly cat ears. According to A, she wore them all weekend.  I don’t even.

We also have this example of lunacy:

Yes. Yes that is someone wearing a TAIL in the middle of a mall.

You know, I can almost just dismiss cat ears as a deluded attempt to lure guys who are really into anime. But the tail?  That is the point where you just sigh and lose faith in humanity.  So in short: keep the animal ears for Halloween, when you wear them with some lingerie and claim to be, “A mouse! Duh!”

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9 Responses to If You Are Wearing Cat Ears On Any Other Day Than Halloween, Try Again

  1. Laura says:


    This is what I want to bellow when I see people dressed like this.

    • badfads says:

      I agree 100%. These are both submissions. If I’d actually seen them, there would have been some seriously raucous laughter on my end.

  2. AnnaBtG says:

    …………………………..oh come on now. A tail? Forrealz?

  3. Maggie O'C says:

    I gotta get out more. I had no idea this was happening outside of preschool venues.

  4. Well…
    I have to admit…
    Last month I gave a pair of cat ears to my boyfriend and ordered him to wear them a whole day without explaining why. I have to note, he was in a mental hospital at the time… (I had only gotten out a week before that xD)
    Cat ears can be really cute. Even on non-halloweenish days. But they do require a certain amount of elaborate lunacy, I believe…

    • badfads says:

      Being goofy like that makes much more sense than running about a mall by yourself or a Vampire Diaries convention.
      I’ve not seen it work on a non-Halloween or convention situation, but I could be missing out.

      • Ah well, it works in a lunatic asylum situation too xD
        Finally the nurses said he was not allowed to wear them any longer because it was “inappropriate” apparently… xD


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