Does Being At Disney Breed Insanity?

While Disney may claim to be the “happiest place on earth,” it is also the sort of place that causes out and out lunacy.  While I understand to some degree the logic that goes into getting matching t-shirts for a large group like a family reunion or something, it is almost never a good plan to go for a matching look for any other reason.  Dress codes are great; I’m spending next weekend with anywhere between 10 and 15 other girls all in little black dresses.  But within those constraints we’ve been allowed to pick our own little black dresses.  There’s a difference between a dress code and a uniform. But being super matchy-matchy within a group, particularly a small group, just screams absurdity, particularly when there’s a wide age group. Read more of this post

A Friday Special Part Deux: Updated Delusion and Sarcastic Commentary

Once upon a time, and by once upon a time I mean a week ago, I made nasty commentary on an obviously homemade dress prominently featuring Taylor Lautner’s face wreathed in flames for no discernible reason.  I received many horrified comments on facebook, including the observation that there appeared to be some sort of weird blue other half to the dress, followed by a lot of mockery about the heavy handed attempt at symbolism in the Twilight books.

This is what was then sent my way.

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I Need A Stella McCartney Tag

Surely not, you say.  She did that optical illusion dress that Kate Winslet looked so hot in!  She did those sheer polka dot dresses everyone loved!  She designed Team Great Britain’s Olympics uniforms.  That all may be true, but since she’s also designed floral pants and the Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2001 (I’m looking at you, Kate Hudson), I feel I have a valid point.  Despite her services to Kate Winslet’s curves, I become more and more convinced that she is trolling the fashion industry with a couple of well-bribed celebrities.

Warning: image heavy post.  Also may be damaging to your eyeballs.

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To Quote Mean Girls, You (Probably) Smell Like A Baby Prostitute

I realize I’m about to make myself sound really old, particularly given that I’m in my early twenties and still have moments of complete sartorial lunacy.

But what the hell ass are kids these days wearing???

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Dubious Facial Hair

I have very odd standards for what makes my cut for what I blog about.  I try, albeit sometimes badly, to write about those who put an unusual amount of effort into looking bad.

This is why a lot of what I see every day doesn’t make my cut.  I can loathe people that run around in pajamas, but those didn’t cost very much.  There was no effort on either side of the equation.  Similarly, if a dude is wandering around wearing a tshirt that says something like “HURRRR TITS” or equivalent Spencer’s shirt, he may be enormously trashy and absurd, but he does not qualify, because it took half a brain cell to think of that joke and be amused by it, and $5 to buy it.  But this is why this infamous Girl Who Sits In Front Of Me In Class features so prominently in my rage: she clearly spends (or gets her parents to spend) an obscene amount of money on Coach purses and Uggs only to look like she was attacked by a hobo on her way to class at ten in the morning.

That said, I’m always perversely impressed when the spectacularly white trash put in enough effort to make my specific and high standards.

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